Roles and Responsibilities

The roles and responsibilities of the various members of the DryDev consortium are as follows:

  • Overall coordination and management of the Programme to ensure delivery of intended outcomes
  • Provision of technical support to implementing partners
  • Provision of leadership / facilitation on (i) co-learning approaches, (ii) monitoring, evaluation and learning (PMEL), and (iii) impact assessment
  • Coordination of programme planning, budgeting and reporting processes
  • Facilitation of capacity building activities across all levels of the consortium
National Lead Organizations
  • Coordinating and managing the implementation of the Programme at country level
  • Sub-contracting to, and monitoring of other Implementing Partners – both programmatically & financially
  • Facilitating the preparation and submission of country budgets, plans and reports
  • Monitoring and coordinating the activities of the service delivery organizations
  • Organizing quarterly meetings of implementing partners
  • Participating (with ICRAF) in joint quality monitoring and review
Implementing partners
  • Implementing and / or technically guiding one or more of DryDev’s core work packages: