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The DryDev Programme in Burkina Faso is implemented in six sub-catchments within six provinces, namely, Bam, Passoré, Sanguié, Sourou, Yatenga and Zondoma. The programme was previously coordinated nationally by Réseau MARP as the lead organization, but a restructuring done in mid-2017 saw the pulling out Réseau MARP from the programme, and ICRAF assuming the functions of coordinating the programme in the country. The implementing partners include SNV, which is responsible for implementing the programme in three sub-catchments of Kiembara, Kyon and Zogore, and TREE AID which is in charge of sub-catchments of Arbolle, Bassi, and Kongoussi. DryDev Burkina aims to reach a total of 45,000 farmers, including 22,500 women, with improved production technologies.

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